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The Good Stuff


Charlie & Flo’s is easy on the environment because we’re helping to give quality pre-loved clothes another adventure, another life. We like to think we are saving the planet, one item of clothing at a time. 

       Here in the office we also do our best to minimise our impact as much as possible. We are predominately a paperless office, and any bits of paper that do come in are re-used. We use wrapping paper made from recycled paper, and we tie our parcels with biodegradable wool. We also use courier bags that can be recycled as soft plastic (read more here) and don't be surprised if your order comes in an already used courier bag turned inside out - reusing & minimising are the best things you can do. Any free gifts you receive with your order contain the minimum of waste and are from businesses who are also environmentally conscious.


Plant a tree!

You can off-set your order by adding a tree planting to your cart. One hundred percent of this money goes to the Whareroa Guardians Community Trust. Feel free to add as many to your chart as you want! The Trust will wisely use every cent they get. 


If you’ve got any ideas or feedback on what we can do better, we’d love to hear from you. Ways to contact us can be found here.



At Charlie & Flo’s we are always keeping an eye on giving back, to the local community and local charities. Over the past year we have been donating clothing to a variety of charities such as Little Sprouts, Birthright and The Salvation Army.

If you are interested in chatting about our charity work or have a charity that you feel passionate about, feel free to contact us via the ‘contact us’ page or email us at


Charity Partners

Charlie & Flo’s currently partners with the Kapiti Youth Support Store and Little Sprouts.


  Opened in August 2016, the KYStore has established itself as a boutique shopping destination in Kapiti. Situated at 39 Kapiti Rd, on the corner of Kapiti and Ngahina Streets, the KYStore is brimming with high quality clothing, designer labels, good quality homewares and furniture.

The KYStore is the only charity store focused on benefitting youth in the Wellington region, with 100% of profits going directly back to the KYS One Stop Shop Trust. For more info about the KYStore, check out their Facebook page.


     Little Sprouts give away FREE life-changing baby boxes to vulnerable families, containing everything a baby needs at birth, plus extra health and safety items. They provide safe sleeping spaces, strollers, baby baths, high chairs and more wherever needed. Charlie & Flo’s donate unsold items to them and can pass on any items you want to donate to Little Sprouts at the same time you give us your clothes to sell. Check out their website for further info on what they are looking for.




    We are pleased to welcome our newest sponsor, Figgy & Co, who have supplied trial bars of their amazing Figgy Coconut Bar Soap. 

Figgy and Co. is the union of toxin free cleaning and a healthy home. Founded by Jane and Aimee - two busy mums with concerns about what chemicals made their way into their homes. They didn’t want the burden of unsafe or untested chemicals sharing their environment, and especially their children’s. Figgy & Co. is the simple way to gather all you need to clean your home naturally. They stock an excellent range hand batched natural soaps and green cleaners, ingredients and recipes to make your own cleaners and use again sprayer bottles, soap pumps and more. Welcome to the Figgy family! Read more here.




We are also very grateful to our long-term sponsor, Made4Baby Natural Skincare. They supply us with samples and products to giveaway.

Co-Founder and Executive Board Member of Cosmetics NZ, Rebecca McLeod worked at the Organisation for Economic and Co-Operative Development (OECD) in Paris for over a year drafting documents on the impacts of chemicals in skincare. Her eyes were opened to the chemicals around us and which we often apply to our skin without even thinking of what is in them and how they affect us. After the birth of her first son she looked for an alternative to commercial products. She wanted a range that had all the natural goodness but that was also easy to use, practical yet included an element of fun. Who said that natural has to be boring?!


    And so Made4Baby Natural Skincare was created. The entire range uses natural ingredients, safe to use from birth. The "4" stands for the decision made regarding the ingredients:

  • No harsh detergents (which create lather)
  • No petrochemicals (baby mineral oil is derived from crude oil)
  • No artificial fragrances (parfum can have hundreds of ingredients)
  • No parabens (a controversial preservative)

Made4Baby Natural Skincare is Sensitive Choice Approved and Accredited and is the ONLY Australasian baby and kids skincare product to be approved by clinical experts of the Asthma Foundation for children who suffer from allergies like eczema.

The range now also includes a Natural Sunscreen SPF 50+ Fragrance Free that can be used by the whole family.


After the birth of her second son she realised that the needs of a little boy weren't those of a baby, so Made4Kids was born. The range includes shampoo so kids can wash their own hair and spray in de-tanglers for those mornings you're trying to get them off to school and tame their hair in the mad rush out the door! Shop for their products here.


Rewards Program

Here at Charlie & Flo's we have created a loyalty program with exciting and exclusive rewards to say 'thank you' to you, our amazing customers. Read more about it here, or sign up below.


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