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How to get the best out of our new website

How to get the best out of our new website

October 23, 2017

How to get the best out of our new website

You’ll have noticed our new look website. Here are some of the new features explained.



Shopping: Sorted!

No matter how you get there, at the top of every display of clothes you’ll see two filter/sort options. The first (wearing plaits in the image) lets you sort by age and the second (wearing pink glasses) allows you to arrange the items by date listed, price, or alphabetically.


Shopping: Know what you need

If you’re looking for something specific, say a dress for an upcoming party, use the menu at the top of the home page. This allows you to select gender, and then type of clothing. The categories are pretty self explanatory. Everything Else covers togs, and anything else that didn’t easily fit anywhere else!


Shopping: Loves to Browse

If you simply love to browse, click on one of the Shop Now pictures. This will take you to the entire collection of clothes in the age & gender you selected.


Shopping: Fancy a Collection

To make things even easier, we also have some new quick links to our collections. Collection quick links change seasonally, so you’ll see swimwear when summer is coming (yay!) and winter as the weather turns colder. (All collections are always available from the drop down menu at the top of the page though).


Selling: Top tips

We now have an updated Sell Your Clothes page which goes into detail about the condition of clothing we accept, as well as a blog post offering tips on how to get more of your clothing accepted by us to sell. If you’ve gone to all the effort to launder, iron & post items to us, the last thing you want is for them to be posted back to you!

  1. Charlie & Flo’s sell only three types of clothing:
  2. Clothes that still have their store tags attached.
  3. Clothes that show no signs of visible wear.

Clothes that are in EXCELLENT condition. They show only minor wear and are near perfect.

The Sell Your Clothes page also gives up to date info on the brands we are currently accepting, and what items we are short of. There is also a link to the terms & conditions which will apply should you chose to sell your clothes with us. They are to protect all parties involved. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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