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Top tips to get your kids clothing accepted to sell

Top tips to get your kids clothing accepted to sell

October 24, 2017

Top tips to get your kids clothing accepted to sell

Thinking about selling your kids outgrown clothing with Charlie & Flo's? Read our Sell with Us page but looking for a bit more guidance?

It doesn’t benefit anyone for you to go to the trouble of sending us things we can’t sell, so here are a few of our top tips to help you get more of your clothing accepted. Remember, Charlie & Flo’s sell only premium pre-loved children’s clothing – fantastic quality clothing that is grown out, not worn out.


Top tip #1 Check clothing in natural light.

We know sometimes the only time you get a moment to do something like the dreaded clothes sort is in the evening once the kids are in bed, but stains & other blemishes are best found in natural light. When we are processing clothing, we hold them up in front of a big glass door to look them over, and we tend to photograph in the sunshine, so there’s no place for stains to hide!


Top tip #2 When selecting what to send to us, do our 3-step-yes-test.

Unless your children are exceptionally clean and tidy with their clothes (I wish mine were sometimes, but where's the fun in that?!), it’s unlikely that all of their outgrown clothing will be suitable for us to sell. Be ruthless (because we will be) when sorting and do the 3-step-yes-test below. These are the questions we ask ourselves when processing your clothing:

  1. Is it a good quality brand that is made well?
  2. Is it new / gently worn and in fantastic condition?
  3. Would I be happy to receive the item as a gift for my child?

If the answer to any of these questions is a no, then it's probably not right for Charlie & Flo's. Charlie & Flo’s only sell good quality brands of clothes that are in excellent condition, still have their store tags attached, or show no signs of visible wear. You can remind yourself of what brands and condition of clothing we accept on the Sell Your Clothing page.



Top tip #3 Take care when washing and drying your kids clothing.

This is a tip for always, not just when you’re thinking of selling, as this is one of the ways you can extend the life of your kids clothes. Care labels are there for a reason so it’s always worth taking a look at them. If you’re not sure what all the symbols mean, you’ll find a downloadable guide here. This is also a great video outlining some basic laundry dos and don’ts. You’ll find lots of other guides regarding how best to care for different types of fabric here too.

Basically, the less often and the cooler you wash clothes, and the less you tumble dry them, the better. It’s always good to wash & dry inside out, and wash like with like colours & fabrics. Do up zippers, buttons, snaps etc buttons before washing. Not only does this help keep your clothing in shape when washing, but it also makes the job a lot faster at our end. Remember not leave clothes on the line for too long to avoid sun fade.



Top tip #4 Make the most of the postage price.

If you’ve dried your freshly laundered sale items on the line, a quick iron should sort out the worst of the wrinkles. Fill the postage bag as much as you can, and send us only your best. Higher end brands fetch a higher price, which means more money for you. Check out the ‘sell with us’ page for a list of brands we do & don't accept.




Top tip #5 You can help sell your clothing faster.

By sharing our website with your friends, and by liking and sharing our Facebook posts on your own Facebook profile you can help spread the word about the premium pre-loved children’s clothing that Charlie & Flo’s sell. The more people that know about Charlie & Flo’s, the more people there are to buy your items!


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